Friday,August 10,2001

[ 04:07:30 PM ]

I'm going to attempt to move to another server eventually... one that isn't as muddled as the webspace has gotten here, plus it'll allow PHP, which I want to experiment with, and will make things here on the farm SO much easier. Sadly, this Blog software I'm using for whatever reason is having problems with any non-english ftp servers, and the place I'm looking at is french.

So eventually, we'll get there. If you wanna add the bookmark already, it's

[ 03:40:15 PM ]

Ahh, I'm sure anything interesting would have already been archvied by now.

I'm trying out new software... instead of using Blogger, I'll be using Blog, which admittedly is made with Blogger in mind. But I think that having this as a program rather than just a webpage will keep me updating more. We'll see. The answers, they say, are in the wind.

On a funny note, I made this image in response to not one, but two interviews on Chubby Checker's Outrage:

Works for me. :)

I might be moving the site again... stay tuned.

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